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Let Me Show You How To Say Bye Bye To Quick Ejaculation Within 4 Weeks

I am sure you have lived with this complication for some time now. What complication am I talking about? Premature Ejaculation- If you don't last longer than a minute during a sex session, then you are suffering from premature ejaculation. And I am sure the reason why you have given up hope on finding a solution is one of listed-

1. You are ashamed to look for a solution because of fear of embarrassment.

2. You found a product or book offline/online, but you do not trust the efficiency of the claims.

3. You have purchased a product or book that promised to solve the problem, but it failed to do so.

I know how frustrating any of the above situations can be, but what if I can guarantee you a sure way to totally cure this complication, without any drugs, just some diet priscription and exercises you can carry out in the comfort of your room. 

And if you are a girl, please keep reading, cos this problem affects you guys the most via your partners. Maybe you can try and assist your man.


Premature ejaculation is when  a man ejaculates quicker than he or his partner wants. Some men can only last 10 seconds, while some don't even get to insert their penis into the girl. You have to know that premature ejaculation is both a psychological and physiological problem (i.e both physical and mental); so you have to tackle those two areas. And the problem you might have had, as well as some other people is that you have been solving one side but ignoring the other.


Okay, at this point, I am sure you are wondering who I am, and why I am so sure of what I am saying. Let me quickly introduce myself; my name is Kayode Odusanya. You can search for me on, I am a real person. So, I am not someone trying to take you on a ride or something. If you find so many kayode odusanya appearing in the search, use my email address to search instead-


I would like to share a little story with you. I got out of the University Of Lagos 14 years ago, and I was ready to get married to the love of my life. We had never had sex before, but I loved her so much, and the feeling was mutual. She was a good Christian and she was not really fond of sex, and I did not want to rush her into anything. And then, one particular day, It happened; we had sex for the first time, and it was horrible. She gave me another chance to make it up to her on another day, but instead of improving on the 40 seconds I was able to go the first time, I ejaculated after 5 seconds this time; just after the first two thrusts.

To cut the long story short, she left me on those grounds. She said she could not imagine herself spending the rest of her life with someone that could not satisfy a woman. I still can remember that day like it was yesterday, and I could not believe it was the girl I had loved for over a year that was saying that to me. I went into a great depression, and it was the grace of God that didn't allow me commit suicide.

After listening to an inspiration tape that said anything is possible, I decided not to wallow in sorrow and look for a solution to my problem instead. I must tell you that it was not a smooth journey. It was a road full of frustration, money being spent, heart wrecking challenges and embarrassing moments. All these have been detailed in the book I wrote; HOW TO CURE PREMATURE EJACULATION.


In the book; I summarized the wisdom that I got from four foreign books that I had to purchase on the internet. It also has my full story about what actually works, and how simple it is to carry out on a daily basis. They are 5 detailed techniques, one of which, if you practiced, you would start seeing differences that same night. That is, if you got the book today. 

The book is in an electronic format (e-book), so it would be sent to your email address. I bought a total of 4 foreign book online before i could come up with a solution to the premature ejaculation problem i had, and the cheapest of the books was $47 at the time. Now that i have found a solution, i want to share it in this book i wrote, because i know how so many men suffer this same complication. Research has shown that 7 out of every 10 men suffer this problem. So, you need not be worried, you are not alone, more men have it than want to admit.

Not to beat around the bush, the book cost N4,000, and I think it is a fair price for what it would do in your life. I have seen so many relationships and even marriages broken because of the man having premature ejaculation, and not being able to satisfy the wife. If you are a female reading this, you can get it for your partner. I know females don't like to speak on this issue, but they are secretly suffering. I know this cos of the one-on-one interview i had have with a number of women.

What is a mere N4,000 to the solution that would bring back your confidence as a man. When you pay for the book, you will also have unlimited access to me via phone calls, text messages, and emails for the 4 weeks it will take you to cure the premature ejaculation. I will send you reminder messages all through the four weeks.

Because a lot of people doubt, and think of the authenticity of my claims, I would add a bonus of one of the foreign books I bought online that helped me find a solution to the premature ejaculation problem I had. The book cost $100 (N48,000), but I would give it to you free as a bonus, once you pay for my own book. You can follow this link to check out this foreign book I am talking about- Anytime For As Long As You Want But, I must say that as long as you get my book, you would not need any other book for curing the premature ejaculation. In fact, you would not need to look elsewhere again.

The book is 10 pages...i wrote it that way for easy assimilation. It is straight to the point and direct. It is not about quantity, but quality. As long as it gets the job done, which I assure, you need not worry about the number of pages. The bonus book is 120 pages. It is more complex than mine, with bigger grammar. But, mine can be understood by anybody. Take it this way- my book will help you go from you only lasting 10 seconds during sex to lasting 10 minutes and more in the first round. And the bonus book will teach you how to last for hours...isn't this a bumper package?

For those who want to get the physical copy, you can come to my home office at number, 20 Olusoji Street, Bariga, Lagos. If you don't know how to get there, call me up (08027794635), I will describe it for you. But, do know that I don't usually keep too many copies of the physical type around, so you will have to call me up before you come over.

But for those that want to go ahead and buy the electronic copy and get it straight in their box 5 minutes after they pay, then follow the instructions below.


Pay N3,000 into any GTBank around you.

Acct name- Kayode Olumide Odusanya

Acct number- 0016566377


First Bank Acct

Acct name- Kayode Olumide Odusanya

Acct number- 3021265816

After payment, send me a text containing the teller number; the gt bank or first bank branch you paid (or send me your name if you did a transfer); your name and your e-mail address to 08027794635. You would get the e-book under five minutes after I get your text message. I walk around with my laptop, and I am always online, so I would definitely get to you promptly.

Your friend.


You can reach me on- 08027794635 (Text, Whatsapp, and Phone Calls)


09059434872 (Text, and Phone Calls)

In-case you are still doubting the authenticity of the book, you can send a blank mail to with "I WANT" it as your title, and I will send you the first 5 pages of the book. When you read that, it would give you a taste of what you would get when you order for the full book.

And just incase you just want to talk to me on phone, text me, or get in touch with me through email, i am always available. My personal phone number is 08027794635, and my email address is my name is Mr. Kayode Odusanya.

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